Friday, April 13, 2012

Blogging exile!

I'm back!  WOOT!  I've been attempting to blog for the past month but I could NOT get my blogger dashboard to load and today it loaded!  YAY!

So much has happened in our little world in the last month.  I know we had at least one more muffin tin meal I didn't get to post about - I'll put it up on Monday.  And Easter happened.  Lots of cuteness there.  I'll put some pics of that in this post.

And now that I am finally able to access this I can't think of a darn thing to post about.

I suppose I could post about the toddler stage of life.  Hello, my name is Samantha and I am the mom of a toddler.  I have been the mom of a toddler pretty much non stop for the past 5yrs.  One might think that I would be pretty numb to the toddler stage by now but I am not.  The toddler stage includes some total cuteness and some seriously challenging moments.

For example - adorable toddler is doing something so completely naughty but they have that toddler eye twinkle and tiny toddler grin.  The cuteness of this moment is obvious but the challenge is NOT laughing at the cuteness.  I have at least one of these moments EVERY day with Princess.  (We do not really call her princess in real life, we call her Sis mostly.  Sissy, Sierra, and Colton's favorite nickname which is oddly starting to catch on - Sierry, but I never call her princess anymore.)  Oh and I do still call her baby girl.  Of course that is beside the point.

Ten things I wouldn't trade about my toddler:

1 - watching her explore her world and discover new things about it.
2 - watching her learn independence even though it can be super maddening if we're in a time crunch and she insists upon putting on her OWN clothes or socks and shoes (she does the socks pretty well actually).
she was certain she could put her own dress back on after lunch. lol
3 - watching her love her brothers.  She wakes up from a nap and runs straight to hug a brother it's totally adorable.
4 - her wanting to be included in what we do.  Again it has it's maddening moments but it's also kinda sweet that she wants to do "school" when her brothers do.
5 - reading with her.  She loves the touchy feely books esp and lift the flap books are also a big hit with her (if I can keep her from ripping off all the flaps of course - see challenge!).
6 - tickle time.  she tickles her own belly and that right there is totally priceless
7 - Snuggle time - sometimes I am so touched out I could live the rest of my life without another human being grabbing at me, but her snuggles are still just so wonderful.  Laying with her head on my shoulder, sucking her fingers, and snuggling.  Thank goodness she's a small child.
8 - her communication - someday she's going to speak clearly and in full sentences, but for now the few words she does say, and most importantly grabbing me by the hand, dragging me where she wants me, and pointing at what she wants does the trick.  And it's so darn cute.  This morning I got up to get myself breakfast but she clearly wanted me to follow her, so I did.  Into the bathroom.  Where she climbed into the empty bath tub and waited for me to turn on the bath.  Seriously?  Words could not have made that any more clear. Needless to say my baby girl is freshly bathed.
9 - her helpfulness - she loves to help me clean.  She loves to help with laundry and sweeping and emptying the dishwasher.  She does the work of three brothers. hehehe
10 - The toddler stage ends!  It does, I see in my boys that they are past the toddler stage.  And while I'm enjoying the toddler stage, I won't lie, I'm happy that it doesn't last forever.  There IS too much of a good thing.

And now without further ado here are some pics from Easter:
Toddler Tude!
My beautiful children.
my beautiful children and handsome husband.
And one more of my baby girl:

So if you have a toddler make sure to give them extra snuggles today because toddler hood feels like it will never end but it WILL end.  It really will.  Don't ask me what comes next because I hate to burst hopeful bubbles.

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