Monday, April 16, 2012

Muffin tin Monday: going green

So it's April.  Which apparently sparks lots of "save the earth" and "go green" campaigns.  I have a green muffin tin lunch to share.  But I have a confession to make.  We actually had this muffin tin meal in honor of St. Patrick's day back in March.  BUT blogger wasn't working for me so I didn't get to post it.  So let's all pretend that it's in honor of "earth day" and "going green".  Mmkay?  Great!

So I served green pasta.  Now a mother who cares about ultimate health and nutrition would've gone and bought spinach pasta.  I just added green food coloring to the boiling water with the pasta.  I served it with a bit of butter and cheese.  I also added green food coloring to their milk and cottage cheese.  I served naturally green broccoli and grapes though.  It was a while ago now but I'm pretty sure it was a hit.  Check back next week to see the fun "nest" snack we're going to make in the muffin tins.

As always I'm linking up with the Muffin Tin Mom for Muffin tin Monday so head over and check out the other great tins this week.

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