Thursday, July 5, 2012

So far this summer.....

So far this summer we have:

Colton up to bat in little league.
Kayden up to bat in little league
Sierra and Sawyer making a new friend at the little league games.  Sawyer even let her hold his Benji.  That's huge.

In the living room drive in movie complete with popcorn.  The kids and I made cars out of these boxes (some might recognize that I used these as cabooses in Colton's train) and watched Beethoven.

Sierra wearing this adorable dress my mom made for my niece.  She wears it a lot because we both love it so much.

Cousins at the local Strawberry Fest, lunchtime at the kids corner sponsored by a local church.

Splashing in Grammy's back yard, in the pool.  They also chased a butterfly round about the time this picture was taken.

The kids sat on a firetruck.  They also went IN the firetruck.

Nothing says summer like a root beer float!

Kayden's very first time ever at daycamp.  Reportedly he is having a blast.

Took the younger three to the fountains on a hot summer day while Kayd was at camp.

Sierra stripped off her swimsuit about 15 min into the trip to the fountains.

A festive snack for the 4th of July.  Fruit kabobs and string cheese cubes.

 Enjoyed by ALL!

And that was just a short recap.  Not in pictures the older two also did VBS at a local church last week.  The kids and I have been to the park a time or two and I took the boys swimming at the local pool one afternoon that Jay was home.  So far there has been lots of fun and Mama is ready for some rest.  But alas next week we are all participating in our own church's VBS program every morning.  Of course getting through that week will be bittersweet as our precious girly will be turning two at the end of that week with a Saturday birthday.  Then it will be on to organizing and prepping for the coming school year.  I'm already working on that with some more detailed planning and moving things around in my mind to make our home more functional for school this fall.  Pinterest has been a huge time sucker er, I mean asset, the past couple of days as I look for ideas for things to do with the areas of our home that I have to work with.

So that's what's been up over here.  Hope everyone else is having a great summer too!

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