Monday, May 21, 2012

Daddy and daughter sweetness

Every morning when we're getting ready to go somewhere out of the house I get my darling daughter all ready to go.  We pick out an adorable outfit (usually a dress - she and I both love them), we get her dressed up and do her hair all pretty in ponytails.  During the week she's happy to accept my words "So beautiful, what a pretty girl!" as confirmation that we've done well making her presentable to the world.

But when daddy is home on the weekend forget about it.  My word means nothing.  When I finish her hair by putting the bow in and say "all done, so pretty!" she takes that as her cue to hop off of her chair and run straight to her daddy.  Sometimes he sees her right away and sometimes I have to say "Daddy!" and then he looks down at her and he smiles and tells her how pretty and beautiful she is and she twists her little ponytail and sways side to side a little and glows at her daddy telling her she's pretty.

And it hit me yesterday as I watched this familiar ritual take place that this is one of my favorite moments of every weekend.  It never ever gets boring seeing my daughter revel in the love and adoration of her daddy.  Never.

And it hit me that she believes him.  She does not have one second of doubt that if her daddy is telling her she's pretty that it is truth.  I prayed that she would continue to believe him and continue to allow his opinion to matter above ALL others until her husband.  Because she will always be beautiful in her daddy's eyes and if she believes him always then she will know she is beautiful always.

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