Friday, November 18, 2011

November 100.00 holiday update

Well since it is mid-November and it's been a while since I've updated about our 100.00 holiday I thought I should do so.

Green = have, purple = making, black = need to get

DH: Something I am making for him that he will like.
DS1: Little Bear book , a shirt or outfit (need), hot wheels dynamite blaster and hot wheels triple launch jump, Postcards from Buster season 1 dvd, and a decorate your own bank kit
DS2: Little Bear book, All About dvd, Cars 2 duplo blocks set, bank kit, and shirt or outfit (need)
DS3: Sunflower Parable book (have), DC superhero and friends trio sets: Mr Freeze and batwing (have), all about dvd (have), bank kit, shirt or outfit (need)
DD: Parable of the Lily book, an outfit (need), a super hero cape (the boys got theirs a couple of Christmas' ago), little tikes doll high chair, winter coat and hat , toddler purse (need)

I have these bought, and here in my closet:
Mom: (have gc for)
Dad: (have gc for)
FIL: (have gc for)
SIL: (have gc for)

I made these last week!  I spent 1.99 on the last piece I needed to make these.  I need to purchase containers for them that will 1.00 each.
Sis1 and fam: fun family gift
Sis2 and fam: fun family gift

Sis3 (4yrs): not at all sure honestly - I'm leaning towards making her a tutu although a cape like Sierra's might be a fun gift too come to think of it.

Brother (18): no idea!

I had 29.90 in cash left at last check in.

-3.00 (shipping and handling for the hot wheels thing)
-1.99 (the family gifts)
-3.00 (containers for the family gifts - one for our house too)
-6.00 (tulle for tutu or fabric for cape)
-1.00 (hot cocoa packets for stockings)
-1.00 (snickers for KOJ's stocking)
13.91 left - 

I haven't figure out yet what to do for bank kits for the boys.  I also need to get a few more things for the stockings - I haven't bought any holiday candy yet other than the snickers for KOJ's stocking.

I'm probably going to go over my 13.91 left in cash for stockings and the banks but not by a lot and we will have still had a very nice Christmas at a super low cost.  I'm so glad that I planned ahead.  I feel so happy that I don't have to stress about whether or not we'll have the money for nice gifts or even what to get them.  As much as I enjoy black Friday shopping with my mom I'm especially thrilled that I don't have to be desperate for some hot toy item and subsequently when I don't get one of the five of them my store bothered to stock.

I'm still working towards my inbox dollars and I earned a cash rebate through a for a magazine subscription.  But I won't see either of those until the new year so I might try to set them aside for next year's Christmas shopping.  I am of course as always working on the swagbucks to earn up some more gift cards.

Someone might notice that I took the hotwheels car holders off my list and that was because I told my mom about them and she's going to make those as gifts for the boys which I am thrilled about and they will be too!  Even without them I think we've gotten the kids plenty.  I think I may go ahead and find an ornament pattern and make the kids each an ornament for their ornament collections.  It's a tradition I had planned to start next year but no reason to wait now.

So how are you doing on your holiday shopping?? 

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