Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A month of giving thanks

So it's that time of year again.  The stores are crowded, traffic is crazy, the decorations are going up on main street in town.  But it's not even Thanksgiving yet!  Eh I don't mind honestly.  As soon as Christmas stuff hits the store I wander slowly and dreamy eyed down the aisles.  For me Thanksgiving is just an extension of Christmas.

This month lots of people on facebook and on mom boards I frequent are daily posting something they are thankful for.  I'm just not that dedicated and I get too easily distracted when I try to do daily things like that.  So I'm dedicating this post to being thankful for one thing for each day in November.  Are ya ready?

1 - Jesus ~ He made the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family and well there's really just nothing better than that.

2 - God ~ yeah I'm claiming Him separately.  I'm thankful for His provision both physically and spiritually.

3 - KOJ ~ He's really just a great guy.  Yeah we have our moments but all around he's amazing and I just love him so very much.  I mean he's active with the kids, does their baths, let's me get away whenever I need to, and he works hard all week to provide for our family so that I can be home with our children.

4 - Kayden ~ my oldest monkey has his moments of attitude that's for sure but all around he's a great kid.  He's super smart and he's a great big brother who takes the job very seriously.  And his logical mind just cracks me up.

5 - Colton ~ oh man this kid just he lives to be cheer.  His mere presence in a room can brighten someone's day.  I love the way that he dances through the house singing worship songs at the top of his lungs and with all of his heart.  He was an easy baby and he's still my most laid back easy going child.  He's going to strongly impact those around him in his life, I can just tell that and I'm so blessed to be his mama and get to watch first hand.

6 - Sawyer ~ this monkey is generally nothing but trouble but he's so stinking cute about it it's always hard to get angry.  He has a thirst for knowing and doing and a drive to be just like his brothers.  For all the trouble he gives me he was my easiest potty trainer.  And he just adores his baby sister.

7 - Sierra ~ I mean really who wouldn't be thankful for this precious girl?  She's just so much fun right now, watching her personality blossom and the way she has every male gendered person in this house just wrapped right around her tiny little fingers.  I'm really thankful that God saw fit to give me a daughter even though I think that it was one of the things I was most scared of in all of my life.

8 - My parents ~ they gave me a decent foundation in life and they love their grandchildren.

9 - My sisters ~ because really I can't imagine having to grow up without live-in friends.  Even my baby sister Emily who is more a playmate to her same age nieces and nephews.  So blessed to have these lifelong friends.

10 - Our church ~ we have the MOST amazing church and church family.  I've never felt so welcomed and at home at any church.  There is true friendship and a true level of accountability when asked for.  This church blesses our whole family from the smallest baby to the oldest family member (which just happens to be me lol).

11 - CMF ~ I really couldn't live without the advice, the place to vent, the camaraderie and fellowship that you all provide me in the day to day of life here with the kiddos.

12 - The freedom to homeschool my children.  Like most things involved in raising kids it has it's challenges but overall home schooling the kids is such a joy.  And hey while they're learning so am I.

13 - Our home ~ We have a lovely home and even though we rent I truly do feel peaceful and at home here.

14 - vehicles ~ I'm thankful that we have running vehicles in decent(ish) condition.  I'm especially thankful that we have two vehicles because even though I don't often choose to take all four children out alone during the week I at least have the choice if I want it.

15 - food ~ we are so blessed to live in the richest country in the world and even though sometimes it feels like the food budget is stretched thin I try to remind myself that there are children and family living on a small fraction of the food we put in our bellies every day.

16 - the internet ~ I love having this outlet, research tool, and place for fellowship in the comfort of my own home.  It's a huge resource for me!

17 - flavored coffee creamers ~ I LOVE flavored coffee creamers.  It's fun to change up your coffee from day to day.

18 - heat ~ I'm so thankful for our heat in the winter time.  I HATE being too cold.

19 - our military members - I may not always agree with what our government is doing but I will always support the people in the military because they are laying their lives on the line selflessly, missing out on time with their own families in the hope that their service will actively preserve our freedoms in this country.

20 - joy and laughter ~ I'm thankful that I can be joyful and spend time laughing - with family, friends, alone at silly things I read/see on the internet.

21 - my ladies bible study ~ I have been so blessed by the girls in my bible study group and by the book we're working through this year.  Learning some secrets to contentment and having people out there that I KNOW are praying for my requests is just priceless.

22 - the television ~ we've never had cable but netflix and dvd's have allowed me make it through the newborn stages of my last three children. 

23 - birthdays ~ we've just gotten past two of our four monkeys' birthdays and I'm so thankful that we get to have a nice day together as a family celebrating the life of the birthday person.

24 - appliances ~ the washer does the washing, the dryer does the drying, the stove and toaster oven and microwave and crock pot do the cooking, and my kitchen aid mixer gets used regularly.  I can't imagine living without these conveniences in my day to day life.  I mean if I think keeping house with four little kids is hard now just imagine the days before store bought bread and washing machines.  Geesh, no thank you!

25 - shoes ~ something so simple that we consider a basic need but that many people in the world go without!  I'm so thankful that I can walk into the local store, try them on and walk out with a pair that fits.

I know that there are 30 days in November but I'm stopping with Thanksgiving week because I have something else we're going to be starting the following Monday as part of our Christmas celebration here in our home.  More on that in another post!

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