Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy life and a month in review

Hello blogland.... real life is BUSY!

I know, I know! It's been a couple of weeks again since I've managed to post a blog and it's not for lack of trying.  I've begun at least four posts that just never got completed because real life is busy.  And it's not busy in an "organizing the kitchen for no reason other than I felt like it" way.  It's busy in a "four kids, schooling, fall fun, birthdays, and life is taking over" kind of way.

During the monkeys' waking hours I've been busy schooling them and trying to keep up with housework (which as I have concluded previously just never ends, esp when we're home all day, every day).  Once they're in bed at night I've been working on Christmas gifts for them, and the past week I've been working on stuff for Kayden's birthday which was yesterday.  He turned 7.  I will post about that tomorrow.

October has just flown past and completely disappeared.  I have no idea honestly where most of it went.  It was here one minute and gone the next.  I'm just going to post in list form some highlights from this month.

1. I took up sewing again.  With a new machine as my old one kept jamming.  It's amazing and I love it.  I made Sierra a nightgown the other night.  It amazed my mom who has been sewing since she was 8.  I made a few gifts for our dear dear friends who are expecting their first baby in the next few weeks too.  Those I'm going to dedicate a whole post to.

2. I held my first of what I hope to make monthly Mommy Play dates here in our home last week.  Two good friends came over with their kiddos and it was just nice to have conversation with grown adults.

3. I was blessed with a good deal on two spiderman costumes (what both Kayd and Colton wanted to be) for just a little more than the cost of one spiderman costume at another store.  Additionally they only had two left on the racks and they were exactly the right sizes for my two hero monkeys.

4. We spent the afternoon yesterday at the children's museum.  We were the only people there the entire time (besides employees) and they had lots of new exhibits out since the last time we visited so the kids had even more FUN.  Though for some reason they all head first thing to the never changing grocery store.  And Kayd got some independent play time for his birthday.  He's so much like his mama sometimes it cracks me up.  I told KOJ on the way home that it made me wish I had a giant finished basement that I could set up in centers like that for the littlest ones and he says "No, what you wish you had was three people to go around cleaning up after your children" referring to the employees. lol  I agreed that I wouldn't be bothered by that either.

October also included a girls night with my mom and sisters, a playdate with my sister and her kids this week on Monday while her kids were out of school for an inservice day, a free showing of Madagascar 3 at the local theater on Saturday morning, and lots of regular school work and house hold duties.

Oh and I also began using a day planner.  I am really liking it.  I hunted down printables on pinterest and put it together myself.  I have a binder with monthly and weekly pages in it and a smaller folder with daily docket pages.  I have found that I tend to prefer the weekly pages.  I like seeing what I'm doing all week, moving things around if I run out of time on a given day etc.  I have it set up with a monthly calendar page where I jot down appointments, play dates, and other plans.  Then behind that I have a weekly menu planning page with spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the other page is a weekly planning page with all 7 days and a spot for extra notes.  I really like it.  I check off the meals I've used so I can see where I'm at with the meals I've planned each week, and I check off the tasks I complete on the list page.  It has kept me way more productive this month than I've been in a LONG time.

And on that note, it is Halloween and here in the spirit of keeping it real I will tell you dear readers that I need to go get a shower and try to do something about our kitchen before I feed and dress the kids in costumes to head out for some trick or treating fun tonight.

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