Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hair bow holder DIY

Two years ago I was blessed with my fourth child and my first girl.  One thing I knew the instant I knew I was having a girl was that I was going to go hair bow crazy!  I LOVE hair bows on little girls.  I LOVE giant flowers on babies.  I went nuts.  Ok, so it could be worse, but still for being 2yrs old Sierra has a decent collection of bows and flowers for her pretty hair.

The trouble was storing them.  They were getting misplaced or smushed and ruined and it just wasn't working.  So one night a couple of weeks ago I got an itch to fix the problem and so I did.  I started with a black frame that I had in our closet.  I believe it's an 11 x 14 size.  Then I took some white grosgrain ribbon I had in our craft stuff.  Then I grabbed some paints and a paintbrush and my hot glue gun and I got to work.  First I painted the back piece of cardboard that goes in the frame.  I was going for a bright teal color.  It didn't turn out the exact color I wanted but it was close enough.  Then once that was dry I added pink dots for fun.

While the paint dried I hot glued lengths of ribbon every two or so inches - I eyeballed it, there was NO measurement involved - to the frame.  Once the glue and paint were dry I put the cardboard back in the frame.

Then I took two eye hooks and screwed them into the bottom of the frame.  Then I put elastics in one little metal pail and smaller bows/clips in another little pail and put them on the hooks. 

Voila.  A hair bow storage solution that looks totally cute on our bathroom wall.

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