Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tot School Tuesday - pom poms, and stacking cups, and pegs oh my

Welcome to our new school year!  As I began the school year with my boys I knew I couldn't leave Sierra out.  Mostly because she simply refuses to be left out.  It's her thing.  So I took her into account and made a plan.  Tot school would continue.

She does a lot of the same worksheets as Sawyer.  It's just easier to have them work together and she wants to be all up in his business anyway so it's easier to just hand her something that is her own.  This past week we worked on the letter A.  She did an A do a dot (she LOVES her do a dots!). 

She glued apples to a tree on this page. 

And she made an A shaped alligator - I have no pictures of this.  Glue and a two year old doesn't really make for a good picture taking opportunity. lol

She worked on baby care:

And she did her chunky puzzles:

In her tot trays she had tiny pom poms and her rounded stacking cups, and wooden blocks with pegs.  Each block has a number and coordinating number of holes for the pegs to stand in.  She loved this activity. 
 All in all her first week of tot school was a complete success.

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  1. It looks like she had a lot of fun in Tot School this week.

  2. I can't wait til my dot markers arrive! It looks like so much fun and my daughter will love it :-) We just started A in Tot School this week and it looks like your daughter enjoyed it so here's hoping mine does too! wamumma.blogspot.com