Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marriage is...

Marriage is loving another person more than you love yourself.  It is loving another person more than you love your own ambitions.  It is considering their interests more important than your own.  It is the complete opposite of what our current culture screams at us.  Our culture tells us to:

"Be happy"  "Take care of yourself" and other similar messages.

There is not room in a marriage for that much self interest.  There just isn't.  If a marriage is going to work it cannot be about YOU.  It HAS to be about US.  I saw a little saying on pinterest this week that marriage isn't 50/50 it's 100/100 and that we both have to give 100% of ourselves to have a successful marriage and I could NOT agree more.

There are times when I just want to scream and kick and refuse to do one more thing in this house.  I'm human.  But I pray for God to give me the strength and the perseverance to continue the race of life on the path set out for me.  To do the things that I KNOW I'm supposed to be doing and to do them with the right heart attitude.  In the end blessing my husband always blesses me in return.  That's not why I do it but it is always the end result.

It is the times that I get so wrapped up in myself and my happiness and my interests that I find I am most discontent and unhappy with myself.

Just something to think about.... marriage.  Dying to self.

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