Friday, June 15, 2012

To my dearest readers (anyone who reads this blog)

Hey, welcome to this post.

I know that a few people are reading my blog.  I know this because I check my stats regularly. lol  Yeah, I'm like that.

I just have a tiny little itsy bitsy request.... could you please take a moment to leave a comment now and then?  Whether you like what I've written, feel that I'm totally wrong and absolutely must tell me so, have an idea or suggestion in relation to what I've posted about, I'm open to it all.

It's nice to see that people are reading but comments would make me feel like they are enjoying what they are reading.  So do please leave one now and again and I'll do the same if I'm visiting your blog.

1 comment:

  1. YES YES YES! Commenting, not just stalking. And I HATE the negative comments I've been getting on my BlogHer posts lately, so I vow once again that I will never do that to someone. It's all about support out here in cyberspace!