Thursday, June 14, 2012

Colton's Train party

Yeah, so Colton turned 5 more than a month ago.  I still hadn't found time to post about his fantastic party.  So here it is.  This post is going to have a lot of pictures and fewer words (hopefully).

Colton and his hand cake on his actual birthday.  He was super excited about this cake.

His green train engine.
 I made the base in a loaf pan.  The round engine part was made by baking some cake mix in a washed out emptied bean can.  I got the edible eyes at walmart a while back and his smile is drawn on with edible markers.  The stack is made of reeses peanut butter cups.

A side/back view of the front of the train.
 The coal is mini chocolate chips and the wheels are york peppermint patties.  YUM.

My mom helped me out by coloring the game poster while I was working on the cake.  She used the Usborne I Can Draw Animals book to draw the frog, turtle, and flamingos.
 As a side note every time I see flamingos I think of my MIL, they were her favorite animal so when my mom suggested flamingos beside the railroad track I chuckled and thought it was PERFECT.

Food table - carrot sticks, pretzel rods, animal crackers, fruit kabobs, and train shaped pb&j sandwiches.
The kabobs were definitely the favored food item and we brought none of those home.  I thought that the train sandwiches were just adorable myself.

The whole train.  The circus car - with animal cracker animals, pretzel stick cage topped by a graham cracker, and the log car with a load of pretzel "logs".

Party favors for the adults - I may have forgotten to pass them out to the first few people who left the party.  Oops.
 These were train shaped chocolates.  I hand stamped the tags and used colors that coordinated with the invitation.

Kids' party favors.
 In the party favor bag there were circle crayons that the kids and I made in the muffin tins, train shaped chocolates, a homemade train coloring book, and Thomas stickers.

Colton was super happy with his cake.  It was so windy though that we couldn't keep the candle lit long enough for him to actually blow it out.
Conductor Colton in the box train.
 Overall I think his party was a huge success and a lot of fun and I certainly hope he remembers it for years to come.  It was a lot of work but totally worth it to see all the kids having fun.

*disclaimer: the link to the Usborne book links to my personal Usborne consultant website, should you make a purchase through that link I will get credit for it as a consultant.

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