Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer is busy

Here I had the mistaken idea that somehow summer would be more calm and less busy.  I could not have been more wrong.  I've started several posts - all of which I will eventually finish - about various topics but I get interrupted in the middle and then amazingly real life demands my attention and so my blog has been neglected this week.  It's already Thursday and I never did manage to finish my Saturday post or the post I started on Monday.  Geesh.

Life is moving along at an amazing rate of speed.  We're already in the third week of June which just feels kind of unreal.  The temps have been HOT.  We've got a cooler day today currently sitting at 87 degrees.  We're short on rain and there are burn bans all around.  I'm so thankful that our home has air conditioning and feel sympathetic towards those who don't.

This week has been filled with ball games, a trip to the library to listen to the fireman and explore the firetruck they brought, a fun day splashing in the pool and playing with the hose at Grammy's house with almost all the cousins, two different parks just this morning, and hopefully a playdate with the cousins again tomorrow.

We've also learned - very loosely mind you - about fireflies and butterflies and today we're going to play with some Bug themed learning things I printed and laminated last night and make a ladybug craft project.  Bugs was the chosen theme of this week (which made the kids freaking out Aunt Tiffany with a worm on Tuesday a totally appropriate activity lol).  If I can get some empty mountain dew bottles from my husband we're going to make our own fireflies using those, construction paper, and glow sticks.  I know the boys will love that.

Next week the older two boys are going to attend a local VBS, the following week Kayd is off to his first ever time at daycamp, and the week after that is our church VBS which we'll all take part in.  So if you don't hear much from me for the next few weeks that is why.  but I am hoping to get a post or two in there somewhere.

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  1. I HATE that about summer! I always have projects I want to do and somehow just the simple act of getting to the pool daily takes hours and hours and all my energy to prepare for and deal with aftermath of. Ridiculous, aren't we?!