Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to November - 30 days of cleaning, organizing, and thankfulness

So it's November!  YAY!  I love this season from now until about the end of January.  At that point I'm about ready for spring but these next three months are so full of wonderful that I can't help but fully embrace them.

So first an update about my frumps to pumps journey.  I've done ok.  There was still a day or two in the past week that I didn't get fully dressed and just tossed on lounge clothes but I have been showering daily again which is great.  It makes me feel good (and smell better lol).  In fact I should be showering right now before princess girl gets up but alas it's also a peaceful time to write this blog post so I chose this.  Sarah Mae's motivotionals on her blog here have been wonderful.  Such a blessing to me.  Here's a link to the latest motivotional and at the bottom of the post are links to the others:

Speaking of Sarah Mae I'm going to be tackling her 31 days to clean e-book again.  I'm very excited about it.  It is a deep cleaning book and starting it now means I will complete it right in time for the holidays.  Won't that be nice?  You can find the book and more info here:

I also found a blog last night about organization.  Now I've been working diligently and I feel that our house is probably 60% organized which is great because in my past it's only been about 10 or 20% organized.  So 60% is a huge improvement for us.  There isn't as much hunting for things.  But the clutter drives me mad and whether I like it or not there seems to always be clutter here in a home with a family of 6 people.  So I'm going to be reading through her 31 days of organizing and hoping I can glean even more organization prowess.  I'd also love to get rid of some of this clutter BEFORE the holidays hit.  Check it out here: organizing made fun

In other news I'm going to do a project with the kids to learn about thankfulness this month.  Starting today I will have them eat think of one thing they are thankful for.  I need to search around pinterest for a way to put them together as a keepsake/reminder for the future.  I hope that this exercise will help my children to remember to be thankful more often.  I know they are children and even as an adult I still have my issues with discontentment but I think it might benefit them to learn how to avoid so much discontent at younger ages. 

I should also mention my progress or lack there of with the detail projects.  I don't think I even did one this last week.  On Thursday I somehow decided that I needed to re-arrange all of our bedrooms because of bedtime issues with one of the monkeys.  So I began that.  KOJ and I finished it on Friday although our new room is a mess.  I'll share pics and post about the changes soon because it has affected our schooling and play areas since we no longer have a playroom.  So far it's been nice.  Fewer toys end up on my living floor and that's a bonus.

So join me for some of these adventures and see how things turn out in the next weeks here!


  1. "Organizing made fun"? Sounds like the only way I'd get that done... :) Good luck in your ventures!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job getting organized! I've been trying to stay on top of my house. Sometimes I think I'd like to move just so I can throw a bunch of junk away! (because then I'd be FORCED to do it!) LOL!

  3. Love the "like a warm cup of coffee" website and Sarah Mae's page!

    I NEED to organise so badly! I have sorted my craft mountain but I have so much stuff that just doesn't seem to have a place to go and yet I want to keep it. I need to get all excited about organising!!