Monday, November 7, 2011

The great room change over

So recently (a little more than a week ago) we decided for several reasons to split the kids into two bedrooms and move all their toys and school upstairs.  There were pros and cons for doing it and not doing but in the end doing it won out.

The process involved moving all the toys and school stuff upstairs and moving our king size bed and nightstands downstairs to take over the downstairs bedroom.

So here for your viewing pleasure our new space:

Howler monkey working on his workboxes.  We started these a few weeks ago and I wish we'd done them sooner!

 A close up of his workboxes:

And in his bedroom that he shares with spider monkey, Squirrel has own workboxes and school table.  The shelf on the table has his legos.

Spider monkey doesn't get left out of the fun either, no worries.  He gets activities in his ice cube bins.  He and Howler split the large table on the landing.

Princess monkey plays in here while the boys do their school activities.  It's seen cleaner days. lol

I store our manipulatives in the jars on a shelf in the closet of the two boys' room.  

I also store our seasonal/holiday books in ice cube bins by topic.  This way I can grab the one appropriate to this holiday and set it out where the kids and I can check em out.

Overall we really like it.  It works great to have us all upstairs and away from distractions like the computer and the tv.


  1. Awesome! I love your ice cube bins. Where did you find them?

  2. I got them at walmart over in the kitchen stuff. I've used them for various things. lol I finally even stuck one on my freezer.