Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall fun: mama's project #1

So I took to heart my own post about fall and embracing and making it fun!  Sometimes lately I get so lost in the stuff that needs to be done and trust me that list never ends.  It is never ALL done.  There will always be something more to do and I need to learn to find a balance between that and having a little fun.  I worked on that this weekend.

I decided I wanted to make this pin from pinterest: Fall leaf banner and that I wanted to decorate a little half wall that we have here in the house between the living room and dining room.  Our computer sits in front of the wall so we see it a lot in our peripheral view when we're at the computer.  Normally it just collects clutter and dust.  But I hate that and so I changed it.

I cleared off the shelf of everything but our router and modem which are kinda important and dusted it down.  Then I did this to it:
We painted the pumpkins as a family on Friday night just before bed to let them dry, then added the faces on Saturday morning.  I have a pumpkin for baby girl but I left it plain until she can paint it herself next year.  I grabbed the fun gourds at the farmer's market Saturday morning.  I got the mini pumpkins at the AppleFest our town put on a week ago.  The silver buckets are from Princess' birthday party and the fall ribbon I bought on clearance so many years ago I'm pretty sure we still lived in Rhode Island.  I had the felt on hand and bought the yarn to sew it together last night.  It took less than an hour to stitch the leave pieces together into the banner you see before you.

I totally LOVE the whole look of it.  It looks really nice in person too.

So I balanced:
practical/need: clean off the shelf
Fun: make a fun fall scene and the leaf banner from pinterest

I CAN do it!  hehehe, soon I'll share some of the fun fall stuff I've got going on with/for the boys.

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