Thursday, September 22, 2011

another update on 100.00 holiday

What our holiday looks like gift wise so far:

Green are items I've bought, purple are items I'm making, black are items I still need to get.

DH: Something I am making for him that he will like.
DS1: Little Bear book , a shirt or outfit (need), hot wheels dynamite blaster and hot wheels triple launch jump, Postcards from Buster season 1 dvd, a hot wheels car pocket holder to hang on the wall , and a decorate your own bank kit
DS2: Little Bear book, All About dvd, Cars 2 duplo blocks set, bank kit, hot wheels car holder (making), and shirt or outfit (need)
DS3: Sunflower Parable book (have), DC superhero and friends trio sets: Mr Freeze and batwing (have), all about dvd (have), bank kit, hot wheels car holder, shirt or outfit (need)
DD: Parable of the Lily book, an outfit (need), a super hero cape (the boys got theirs a couple of Christmas' ago), little tikes doll high chair, winter coat and hat , toddler purse (need)

The hotwheels holders I'll make will be like this:
I got the idea from A girl and a glue gun blog and instead of using pattern fabric for the pockets I plan to use clear vinyl fabric so they can SEE their little cars.  Click the link to the blog to see the tutorial for it.  I also plan to use flannel that I already have in my closet for the back piece of the holder.  Over all the cost of this is going to be super low.

Mom: (have gc for)
Dad: (have gc for)
FIL: (have gc for)
SIL: (have gc for)

Sis1 and fam: fun family gift
Sis2 and fam: fun family gift
Sis3 (4yrs): same as sis1

I've abandoned the group gift of the doll house type thing for this:

I got this at another blog on the interwebz and I LOVE that she used the already colored set of Melissa and Doug wooden blocks for these.  Check out her tutorial here at Crafty Erin.

Brother (18): no idea!

I'll do some baked goods for friends at church and my grandma etc.

I'm going to use my amazon gc from swagbucks to buy DD's purse and the items for the sister gifts.

So far I have spent 70.10 and I will use 27.07 on amazon for the purse and sister gifts.  I currently have 35.00 in amazon gc's earned and am working to trade one or two for an outfit for Princess.  I will easily earn two or three more in the next month and a half.

So I have 29.90 in cash left, and an unspent 8.00 in amazon gc so far.  I am also still working on the 30.00 inbox payout but I'm still at 23 and change for earned there so I don't think I'll have it in time for holiday spending.

That 70.00 includes some stocking stuffers for all four kids too.

I'm trying to keep my holiday spending under 100.00 cash and whatever amazon cards I've saved up from swagbucks. So far so good. I might go over in materials for the cape and car holders but as long as I stay pretty close I'm happy. I will also need to spend cash on stickers for the sister gifts and buy the boys each a new shirt.  It will be close and I might go a little over but still if I'm able to keep it under 150.00 all together - gifts and stockings etc. then I'm going to be very happy.

I'm linking up over at The Saved Quarter's 100.00 holiday link up.  Go see how others are doing the holidays for less this year too!

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  1. I love your hot wheels pouch! Something like this would work well for Barbies for girls, too.

    Good job on meeting your $100 goal. Hope to see you get everything under your goal!