Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I LOVE my kindle!

I love my kindle, yes I do!  I love my kindle, how about you??

So first I finally got the kindle because I really wanted something more portable.  I use recipes and sewing tutorials from blogland a lot and having to print things off constantly was a real pain - not to mention a major cause of clutter.  And have I ever mentioned how disorganized I am with paper?  So I knew that the kindle would allow me to have my sewing tutorial open right next to my machine and my recipe open in the kitchen.  I also knew that I could have the fitness pal app and thought that it would be more convenient for tracking my food.  On top of that I thought it would be great for educational games and apps for the kids as well as e-readers.

Is it everything I thought it would be when I purchased it?  Oh so much more than I could have dreamed possible!

I've had it for one month now.  Now I got the regular kindle fire with the 7inch screen.  Nothing overly fancy here.  But it has been phenomenal.

I have my facebook, pinterest, and email accounts linked to it.  I found a great feature through flylady - the cozi family calendar, and since I created my account through flylady it has the daily zone tasks auto programmed into it which I LOVE.  I do have the fitness pal app but I'll be honest in that I don't use it.

I have downloaded a number of free apps and games and tried several list making apps, grocery shopping list apps etc.  I find that I prefer Cozi for pretty much all of that.  I can make unlimited lists on it and I like the way it works, it's really easy to use, in my opinion anyway.

And then today, today I did something that I had no idea my kindle could do.  Something that will completely revolutionize our homeschool.  My life has changed.  Today I found that I can in fact put pdf files on my kindle and read them!  This is amazing to me because several of my teacher manuals are pdf files on my computer and this means I can have my manual right there are the table as I teach!  I don't have to print it out and use all that ink and paper and I am in LOVE.

Oh and did I mention the freebies??  I have gotten so many free kindle books it's crazy. There are several bloggers out there that post freebies or low cost e-books.  The ones I read are geared towards homeschoolers and I've gotten a number of easy reader books to work with Colton with and that has been an amazing resource.  I've also gotten some free books for myself or books that I think we might use later as reference books. 

Seriously, if you have ever considered it I highly recommend a tablet of some kind.  We haven't once regretted our kindle purchase this past month and it has really streamlined a lot of stuff for me.

*This post is not sponsored in anyway.  I'm just a normal person who found a product she loves and is happy to tell people about it.*

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