Monday, February 18, 2013

Random thoughts on life

Well, I thought I was home free until the icky blahs hit me at 6.5 weeks or so and now at about 8wks I wish I could feel normal again.  I'm thankful that my "morning sickness" doesn't involve throwing up but it does involve a lot of nausea and upset tummy, a LOT of thinking pretty much all food on earth sounds disgusting, and a lot of exhaustion.

I'm figuring out that if I stay fed I feel a little better than if I don't.  Also if I get enough sleep I feel better than when I'm not getting enough sleep.  Unfortunately "enough" sleep seems to be an amount I'm not able to attain on a daily basis.  I slept 8hrs Saturday night, took a 2.5hr nap yesterday afternoon, slept about 9hrs last night and FINALLY felt somewhat awake this morning.  I don't usually have the luxury of the nap though.

Having a bit more awakeness this morning it was nice to use some of that energy with Sierra and working on some tot school activities.  She's very into numbers and counting, we reviewed capital letters and their sounds, shapes and colors, and she got to put stickers on a do a dot number page I found here.  I'm so thankful for these other moms who put stuff together like this.  My kids love these things and I don't have the know how to create them myself.

Being able to give a little more energy and attention to the kids' school has been nice this morning.  Of course I'm starting to wane, my eyes are beginning to get droopy, my tummy is hungry, and school, thank goodness, is almost over for today.

Oh one more thing, yesterday my oldest son Kayden got baptized.  Now that alone is pretty great but even greater was that he asked his Daddy to do the honors.  Talk about an emotional mama.  We had a really great get together with a few friends and grammy afterwards and that was followed by my amazing nap.

Also it must be said that Jay is being great.  He's run to the store more in the past two weeks than probably the past whole year previously.  He's been really great about helping get the house cleaned up for yesterday's get together.  I really appreciate that he's been so helpful. 

And one last word, I don't know how consistent this blog will be for the next few weeks.  I have lots of fun things I want to do with the kids and post about but with my icky blahs I'm just not often up to messing with getting a post together.

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