Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sew Saturday: It's a dress, or two, or three, or four

So I did a LOT of sewing in December.  My lovely new Janome sewing machine has definitely been put to a decent amount of work in the first month and a half of living in my home.

Today I want to showcase the dresses that I made for my nieces, my daughter, and my sister. 

I used the same pattern for the top of all four of the bigger girls' dresses, my daughter's used the 2t size and the other three used the 4-7 size.  I got the pattern here at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom and I stumbled across it through pinterest of course!

I did three different sleeve styles.  For my nieces I just hemmed the sleeves.  My sister told me just before I was about to add elastic that her girls hate elastic so I left it out and called it good.  I put elastic in the hem casing on Sierra's dress and for my sister I took super thin elastic and sewed it about an inch above the hem to create a ruffled look.  I don't think I took any pictures of my sister's dress.  Grr.  Maybe I'll get one of her in it and share it in the future.

For the skirts on Sierra's dress and the dresses I made my nieces I created a ruffle layer skirt.  I found the tutorial for that here at Family Friendly Frugality.  I read through that and the links she linked to for tips on doing this and then I just kinda set to work.  The dress flows really nicely on Sierra though I had initially envisioned more ruffle to the layers than I ended up with.

I do not have a ruffle foot for my machine - though I may see if I can get one sooner than later because I like sewing ruffle things for girlies.  So I just sewed the loosest straight stitch possible and pulled the bobbin thread to create the ruffles.

My sister's dress is full length the patterned material with white sleeves and a white ruffle at the bottom.  I made her bottom ruffle very full and did like it a lot.

I also used this same pattern to create a nightgown out of flannel for my sister.  I left the sleeves on it just simply hemmed and I really liked how cute and simple it looked.  I plan to put one together for Sierra in the VERY near future.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my latest sewing adventures.

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