Sunday, January 6, 2013

Compromise and balance are important

Sometimes I think I get so wrapped up in my to do lists.  The things surrounding me that must be done.  Let's face it.  There will ALWAYS be something more to do.  ALWAYS.  My husband accused me of never making time for fun.  I, in return, accused him of never making time for responsibilities.  We've reached a cross roads.  One in which we are both going to have to make a concerted effort to go against our own natural instincts.  Mine to forge on doing things that MUST be done, and his to forge on ignoring responsibilities in favor of fun times.  We both have to move on this.  I could decide to "schedule" fun and do things with him and the kids on purpose to ensure that our lives aren't drained of all fun things.  But if he doesn't in return schedule time to be responsible eventually I'll just resent him.  See, if he helps with the things that I feel are forefront on the responsibilities list then we can get 1.5 times as much done (yes, 1.5 because, lets be honest here, men work more slowly on housekeeping stuff than women who have far more practice - at least my man does) and having the responsibilities done to a certain point will allow me to feel free to enjoy fun times with my family. 

Likewise I have to remember, even during the week days while he is not here, to balance the never ending to do's with having fun with my kids. I  have to remember that the laundry can wait 15 min while I read books with Sierra.  I have to remember that I have an opportunity right now as a mama to teach my boys to schedule time for responsibility as well as for fun and I have an opportunity to teach my daughter to make time for fun and not get too lost in the responsibilities of life.  I have an opportunity to teach them a balance that my husband and I have to work hard to achieve and often we get derailed at remembering to compromise.

So here's to hoping that we can compromise, that my to do lists can get done, that fun can be had, that peace can exist somewhere in our rowdy home.

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