Friday, December 30, 2011

back from Christmas break

Sorry about that.  I took an unintended Christmas break.  With KOJ home the past week and still for a few more days I thought I'd surely have plenty of time to blog.  But amazingly I haven't.  I also haven't felt any creative writing juices which also affects my blogging.

We had an amazing holiday.  Christmas was super blessed this year.  My sister in law and her dog Blue visited us for a few days and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with us.  The kids had a fantastic time with their Aunt and especially the dog.  My kids love that dog.  I love that my kids love the dog.  It's too cute.

For a final small update on our giving project this holiday season we managed to give a few more treats to friends at church including the pastors and their families.  But the rest of our giving did not get done because we all got strep throat and decided not to pass our germs on through baked goods.  The children did however come away with an understanding that Christmas was about Jesus and giving and this was the end goal so I call it a success. 

Usually when the holidays are over I'm sad and wish they hadn't ended so quickly.  But then I usually spend the holidays running around all harried and busy and stressed out despite my best efforts not to be.  But this year it was different.  When Christmas day was over I didn't feel sad.  I felt peace.  I felt peace that it had been a good Christmas season and that we had lived the season to it's fullest - through our giving project and through our intentional family activities.  But we didn't rush around and try to cram too much in either.  I'm excited now to take down the decorations and move into the new year.

So speaking of the new year there will be a few more posts from me in the next few days.  I want to share my resolutions here on the blog.  Of course I have to pick some first right?  So I'm going to work on that tonight.  I am also going to try to do Muffin Tin Mondays again in the new year and bring back regular posts on that and our school day.  I've revamped the pre-k/k-4 stuff for Colton and Sawyer and am eager to see how it works out so I'll be sure to post about that.  I've also done/am planning to do some organizing/decor stuff around here and I'll post on those projects as well.

One last comment for tonight - the year of date nights as a gift for KOJ went over fantastically.  He was very excited about it and I caught him reading through the binder like three times on Christmas day.  His home made gift for me was amazing also.  He wrote me a sonnet.  It was very very sweet.

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