Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From Frump to Pumps challenge link up

So I've hesitated.  Do I feel frumpy?  Heck yes.  Nearly every day.  Do I like feeling frumpy? No.  Still I rationalize.

"I'm home all day and it's easier to clean and even teach in my comfy lounge pants."

"KOJ doesn't care, he loves me just the way I am."

"The kids don't care."

Why should I bother?  Most days I don't leave the house.  Who is going to see me besides the kids and KOJ and myself??

Well, I'm taking the leap and joining in anyway.  I know for a fact that I feel better about myself, more self confident when I am wearing an outfit that I consider "nice".

As for shoes, I hate them.  So I will dress to my socks (which will help me keep our heat turned down because me feet being cold makes the rest of me cold).  I don't have much for shoe options.  I have gargantuan feet and generally have to purchase my tennis shoes from the mens section.  Even those aren't very comfy at all and not something I want to wear all day every day.  So for now From frumps to socks it will have to be.  So I will post weekly about my progress, check back and see how I'm doing.  And feel free to check out how the other participants are doing in the challenge too through the link up.  You might also consider joining in the challenge!  Come on, I dare you!

The Get Dressed Challenge!

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