Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Detail Cleaning challenge

So I challenged myself to try to do one detail cleaning task each day.  I promised to post about it.  I don't think I've done very well.  I definitely haven't done every day but I did do a few things and it's nice to feel like I've done something that has been waiting for a long time.

This was our entry way.  I got the cabinets and shelf units at a yard sale.  I got a great deal on them.  They replaced the futon that we had no better home for and created a great storage area for our shoes, socks, and in the winter hats and mittens.  I had attempted to sort out our socks and what not but I have a daughter who is in a "destroy" phase.  So this is what it generally looked like on a regular basis.  Also the door had fallen off the cabinet on the left and it looked silly with only one door.

So I spent 15 min and ended with this:

See, Princess is already hard at work.  I had originally tried giving everyone their own shelf for their shoes, socks, and hat/mittens.  But it wasn't working.  So I moved all the shoes to the open shelves, removed sandals because it's too cold for them now, labeled our sock bins.  And simply stuck the hat/mitten bins for the boys on the shelf all the way to the right.  I will label them when I pull out the hats and mittens in another couple of weeks.  Overall this has been easier to keep tidy.  I can install child locks on the sock cabinet if I need to and we all know where our shoes and socks are to get ready to leave the house easily.

I did another project that I didn't take pictures of but there was a pile of random socks/mittens etc. in a bin and another bin sitting against a wall in the living room.  I took about an hour and a half and sorted through, threw out socks that weren't any good/no longer used, matched up the kids socks and sorted them into the right bins and the ones I won't use I put in the donation bag for our crisis pregnancy center.  It made the living room look much nicer not having that eye sore pile there anymore.

And yesterday I tackled a quick project I had on my list: the bathroom window sill.

It tends to become a catch all for little things that belong in the bathroom.  I just tidied it right up.  Took me less than ten minutes.  And it looks so much nicer.

I plan to continue this challenge and will post again next week!  Check back tomorrow to see how I did with the Frump to pumps!

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  1. This is a really great idea!! Our living room, kitchen, and dining room are disaster areas and desperately need the clutter cleared away. I'll be doing that tomorrow! Whew! :)