Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting a start on the holidays

Yeah, I know it's July.  But haven't you ever heard of Christmas in July??  Apparently retail stores have because I've gotten e-mail after e-mail about black friday in July and other such sales going on this month.  Geesh.  I have no patience for that.  Why can't they just call it "A great sale in July!" really?  Anyway that isn't actually what this post is about though.

Now normally I'm half done with Christmas shopping by now.  This year I am behind.  I have stockings stuffed, and I have one or two gifts for Sierra.  But otherwise I've got nadda.  The few toys I still have in our gift tub in the bedroom are slated to be birthday gifts for my October and November boys.  I thought it might be wise to get a feel for what the boys wanted for Christmas.  Now in the past I've shopped sales and clearance based on their general interests.  I have NEVER asked them for an exact name of an item and then purchased it.  I know that day is coming but 5 and under are still pretty easy to please if you hit their general areas of interest.  But I felt like Kayd, especially, is coming to a point where he definitely has things he'd like to have so I thought it wise to ask.

I have always gotten to Christmas eve and started to freak out that we didn't get them good enough gifts, or that they won't be pleased with what we got, or that they will feel like they didn't get enough or something.  Last year I ended up actually sticking some intended gifts back because there was TOO much under our tree.  But I still worried.  And it's not because my children are demanding spoiled brats that I feel this way.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  My children ask for lots of things when we are at the store but once we've walked away life goes on.  They don't sit and stew about not getting this or that while out shopping.  And so today when I asked what they wanted the lists looked something like this:

Kayd asked for a rocket gun, another doggy (stuffed), and a mach 5 because he got a mach 6 last year and would like a mach 5 to go with it.

Colton asked for another doggy, a Mach 6 (he got a Mach 5 last year if you can believe that), and a new pillow.

Sawyer just asked for a Mach 5 (he also got a mach 6 last year).

Such simple requests and mostly affordable too though I haven't priced the rocket gun yet.  Kayd's been asking for a nerf gun for ages so the rocket gun thing did not shock me.

Anyway the simplicity of my children's wants just makes me want to make sure they are super blessed on Christmas with what they want and things they didn't dream to ask for.  Now if only I can make my budget work.

Last year I did a 100.00 holiday and I actually did pull it off.  I am not aiming for that this year.  We just haven't had the extra to buy here and there this year and as I mentioned earlier I thought it best to actually ask the kids what they want a bit closer to the time.  But we are still working with a budget because that quarter we planted a while back never did turn into a money tree - go figure!

I love Christmas and I love blessing my kids on Christmas morning and I love remembering that Jesus was born for us.  And really July is just as good a time as any to think on that.

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