Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rough draft of Summer Bucket List

Our Summer bucket list... a rough draft version.

swim in the big pool at Heritage
play in the sprinkler
play at Heritage park

play with the sprinkler I got (for his birthday)
Play at the fountains
(he came back to say "Mom, I also want to swim at the pool.")

go in the sprinkler
build super duper big guns

Mmhmm..... there you have it people.  My boys, the like water, outside, and guns.  Oh and school.  What is that anyway??

For myself:
Take the kids to Pokagon for a fun day
Strawberry Fest
Apple Fest
Yard sale going
Go to the Ft Wayne zoo
See a parade
Go to the County Fair

And my mind has gone blank.  I know that there are tons of things the kids and I will want to do this summer.  Thank to pinterest and blogland there is no shortage of ideas.  This is just a very basic starter list.  I'm planning to create a kind of schedule similar to ones I've found on pinterest where we do the same thing on each Monday, the same thing on each Tuesday, etc.  I haven't really finalized it yet but I'm going to work on it this week.

We're currently pushing to finish 1st grade the last week of June.  If we can though I'd love to move that up a week or two.  This mama is ready for summer.

Have a great Wednesday friends.

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